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About Kyneton Theatre Company

"nurturing community talent"

Want to stay up to date with what’s happening with our theatre? Check out some of the most recent performances and press coverage we’ve received here. Kyneton Theatre Company wouldn’t be the successful Theatre we are today if it weren’t for the members of the Kyneton community and press. Read on to see what’s on stage, and learn more about the performances you’re coming to see.


A message from the President

June, 1st 2019

I am very honoured to be the President of Kyneton Theatre Company.  We are dedicated to  nurturing community talent, giving opportunities to wonderfully gifted people to experience the world of theatre.  


About our home

The Bluestone Theatre, Kyneton

Kyneton Theatre Company’s home is the historic Bluestone Theatre Located in Hutton Street, Kyneton. The building, circa 1859 was once a church donated to the local arts community by the Congregational Church and Sunday School of Kyneton.

Its architectural style is of the Victorian Period (1851-1901) Gothic Revival and latter additions of Federation/Edwardian Period(1902-c.1918). It has since been heritage listed by the Victorian Heritage Society as it is a building of historical significance. It houses a fully restored George Fincham organ, still in its original position (installed in 1880). The front fence and gate is a fine example of Victorian Era Cast Iron Metalwork, constructed by Joseph Laughton’s Vulcan Foundry formerly of Melbourne.

In 2012 the The Theatre was shut down from disrepair but with the help of the community and generous work of the friends of bulestone comittee the building was repaired and updated for all users to enjoy. 

It is a unique performance space that provides incredible acoustics and a flexible and relaxed atmosphere. Like all good theatre’s it also has its’ own ghost ‘Esther’, who seems to only make an appearance late at night, after a performance has finished or when one is in the theatre alone.

KTC in the news

Mamma Mia!

Recent mentions for Mamma Mia!

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